I build websites using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, specialising in the open-source content management system Umbraco. This CMS is simple enough to handle everything from a small information only site, to complex websites with functionality such as blogs, forums, image galleries, or any other custom requirements.

I use responsive design for all sites I create, meaning they will work on all screen sizes. To achieve this I have created my own modular framework, which allows me to quickly prototype a site's HTML and CSS using a number of pre-defined modules such as image rotators, contact forms, modal popups etc. I have also created two jQuery plugins for navigation menus, one to create offcanvas navigation, and the other to make horizontal menus touch screen friendly and place overflowing items into a dropdown.

To make sites look their best on all screens, I use SVG for graphics wherever possible, and Slimsy to make media items compatible with high density displays. I also use icon fonts, and can easily create custom icons.

I am available for work. Contact me.