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This was a personal project to create a site for the camera club of which I am a member. I built it as a way of learning to how to work with the MVC architecture within Umbraco 7, and the razor syntax.

The site includes many custom features, including:

  • Photo gallery - Members can upload photos to various galleries.
  • News section - A simple news section, which can be updated by moderators.
  • Calendar - Powered by Google Calendar.
  • Member's areas
    • Photo uploader/manager - Members are able to upload photos to various sections of the gallery, including unlimited personal folders and communal folders. Members are also able to edit photo title, publish/unpublish, set privacy so only members can see them, or delete.
    • Monthly themes - Each month the club sets a theme. This page allows any member to enter suggestions for themes, and a moderator can set these themes by choosing a suggestion, individually or randomly.

The site is hosted on a shared server, but to allow infinite uploads, the photos are stored on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.